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Fall 2022 Nutrition Challenge Recap

What Happens when you only eat real food for 45 days?


Over the last 45 days we had our nutrition challenge participants stick to a specific style of eating. They all had their choice of either paleo, Whole30, or the plate method. The goal of this challenge was to take away the stress of tracking macros and worrying about hitting certain targets. The reality is, if you are only eating real food, its is challenging to over eat!!

The results of this challenge were amazing! Every participant saw great results, which resulted in weight and inches lost!

Most importantly they all created habits that they are going to continue with after the challenge. Everyone of them said they planned to continue because the changes they felt were so good. Their energy levels were up, inflammation was down, bloat was gone, and performance in the gym was great. What else can you ask for?

Congrats again to everyone who participated! You all gained new sustainable habits and set yourself on the trajectory needed to hit your personal goals!

While everyone did amazing, there can only be 1 male and 1 female winner! Each of these winner is going to be receiving a new pair of workout shoes of their choice!

Nutrition Challenge Winners

Top Male – Jimmy Howell!

Top Female – Suzy Clontz

These two stuck to their plans, stayed consistent with their workouts, and have the results to show for it!

Jimmy lost 15 lbs, 3% body fat, and 8 inches from the 5 measuring points!!

Suzy lost 7 pounds, 3% body fat, 3.5 inches, and gained 1 lb of muscle!!

These are significant changes in a short period of time! Please join me in sending a big round of applause for these two!!

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