Changing Lives Through Movement

A desire to make an impact in peoples lives through fitness was the driving force behind Deep Well Athletics. We believe that a consistency in the the gym and proper nutrition is the perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle.  Our goal is to offer a facility where people of all abilities can have a program that fits their needs.

Our Beginning

Athlete, turned Coach, turned Owner.
Just like most other CrossFitters, it only took one class to get hooked. Little did our owner Justin know, it would be the beginning of something special. After about a year of training and really studying functional fitness. He decided to step into coaching. This is when things really changed on a personal level. It was no longer about how much of a better athlete he could become, it was all about how he could make others better. When the opportunity came to be a gym owner,  there was no looking back.

Welcomed with Open Arms

It won’t take long to realize there is something special about this place. The people in your class will be ready to make you feel right at home. The accountability you will receive, will be just what you need to show up on those days when you may not feel like working out. Going to the gym should be something you look forward to. The positive and fun atmosphere you will find in group classes will have you making the gym the best hour of your day.

Your First Class is on Us!

Schedule your free intro now! Choose your program and the class time that fits your schedule.