Kelly Morrison Testimony

Something has to change….Oh, this is fun!

Wow! I was about the most clueless person in a gym 3.5 years ago. Then I got up the courage to go to opening day of Crossfit Juicebox. And my life was changed!

It’s not a power cling? It’s a power clean! That thing is called a barbell? How do you squat? (Ok, that’s still a work in progress.)

All I knew in 2014 was that something had to change. No, I wasn’t overweight by any means, but since my cheerleading days in high school, I hadn’t done regular physical activity. And when my clothes started not fitting like they had been, I knew I needed to do something active. I LOATHED the thought of going to a gym, spending 2 hours, and not feeling like I had really “done” anything productive. My friends had recently gotten into cf and encouraged me to try. When I saw the JB sign go up 5 minutes down the road from my house I thought that was a pretty good sign. So I worked out that first day, went home, and proceeded to feel like I’d been hit by a bus. Never got off the couch the rest of the day. But I had “done” something-something that had kicked my ass. And I liked it! I kept going back, learning soooo much, and got addicted very quickly.

The workouts were hard, but manageable. I was doing things I never dreamed I could do with my body. The first time I ran without stopping and it was a mile I could have cried. I always hated running but Caryn’s husband had told me on a run once “it’ll get easier”, and he was right! And as I have progressed it has just gotten more fun and more challenging, and I’m fully addicted. There are certainly days I leave frustrated because I didn’t hit a PR or do my best job. But those days are few and far between. I love love love CrossFit and would come 6 days a week if I didn’t have kids to drag with me! ? (❤ you Tyler and Paige!) CrossFit has instilled a love of physical activity in me that I will carry for life.

But besides the workouts, what’s kept me coming back and wanting more is also the people. This aspect I really didn’t count on at all. Community. Accountability. But most importantly, friendship. These people that would have never crossed my path in life for any reason are now people I look so forward to seeing. People I have crazy text threads with about crappy wods or why weren’t you there bitch! People that have made my life richer, funnier, and so much better. I love the people of CrossFit Deep Well as much as I love CrossFit. And I’d come to every social event and girls night if I didn’t have kids to put to bed and get up every day. (The kids again-❤them!) The friendships created here are as important as the love of fitness that was created here for me. I’m so very thankful to Crossfit and the amazing gym family we have!!!

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