June Athlete of the Month – Julie Pyrant

Julie Pyrant

Every month this year we have had either a monthly challenge or a goal. A couple months ago, Julie set a goal to attend at least 3 days a week. She did that, even if it meant doing 2 classes a day. Well after last month, her commitment to putting in the work paid off. Not once, twice, or three times, but four! Julie set 4 PR’s in the month of May! This just further proves that if  you show up, put in the work, you can achieve your goals! Julie managed to get her first double unders, her first rope climb, her first toes to bar, and her most desired achievement, a Pull Up!!!

Congratulations on all your recent success Julie! We can wait to see what you do next!

About Julie

How and when did you get started with CrossFit?

It was the end of the Summer of 2015.  I was hanging at the pool with Kelly Morrison.  Kelly and another friend of ours said, “Hey, Julie!  You should try CrossFit!”  I had no idea what that was, but I called that very night and went to a foundations class the next day.  I knew immediately that I was going to love it.

What is your favorite movement or workout?

I really like Hang Cleans.  Especially when I try to do as many as I can unbroken.  There is something fun about that movement.  I also like Overhead Squats.  I like the challenge and the concentration it takes to do those and not fall over.

What is your least favorite movement or workout?

My least favorite movement is jumping.  Box jumps, jumping rope, that warm up line drill when we jump and far as we can and land in a squat.  

What are your long term and short term goals?

My long term goal is to live a happy and healthy life. To set a good example for my kids.  

Short term goal would be to gain more muscle mass!  Lift heavier, move faster, improve technique.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about CrossFit and scared to try it?

I would tell them not to be scared at all.  I would tell them to try a few classes at Deep Well.  I know they would immediately be welcomed by the owners, coaches and all the great people that work out there.  Everything in Crossfit can be scaled to what works best with you.  So just go for it!  

What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

On May 21, 2018…I did my very first pull up!  Yes, I know the date…that’s how proud I am of it…still can’t believe it.  I try to do at least one every time I go into the gym just so I know I’m not dreaming.  I was happy about that rope climb too!  For three years I’ve watched everyone in amazement climbing that rope.  Never really trying…always thinking that was way out of my reach.  Then one day…with help and encouragement from coaches and friends…I did it!

What kind of changes have you experience in your life since starting CrossFit that you didn’t expect? 

I didn’t expect to learn so much about nutrition.  Since starting Crossfit, I am now both physically active and making better food choices.  I want to share some personal numbers.  Starting Crossfit 3 years ago, I walked in the door weighing 167 lbs.  Today I am at 139 lbs.  My total body fat mass in pounds was 56 lbs. starting Crossfit.  Today it is 28 lbs.  This is huge!!!  I feel so much better, I didn’t expect these results from Crossfit at all.  Now…It’s time to add some muscle!

What do you love most about Deep Well?

Deep Well is the perfect combination of a place to get a great work out and meet great people!

What are your hobbies, interest and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

No talents or hobbies from me!  But I do love to be outside.  Hiking, biking, walking my dog, playing with my kids.  My favorite thing to do is drink coffee outside in the mornings.  Especially if I were in the mountains!

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