July Athlete(s) of the Month

Brian Porter & Travis Frye aka #TTOH

This month we have a unique occurrence where we have 2 Athletes of the Month. These two guys have really put in the work since joining Deep Well and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. When trying to decide who to choose this month, we just couldn’t split this two up. If you have been around Deep Well you know the unique bond these two share. They coined the hashtag TTOH shortly after Brian brought Travis to the gym. This stands for Twin Towers of Handsome! It wasn’t long before they entered their first team competition and came up with the team name of “My Chemical Bromance”.  Above all else these are two great guys who are transformed themselves in various ways since doing Deep Well. Take a minute and read about Brian and Travis.

How and when did you get started with CrossFit?

Brian:  I’ve always wanted to do CrossFit but never made time for it due to racing road bikes and mountain bikes for a local team. After a while 14-16 hours on a bicycle got old… Once I retired from the life of racing I eventually got back into the weight room some at the YMCA and made it a point to go a few times a week in early 2017 to at least get me somewhat ready to progress into CrossFit.  My journey in CrossFit began June 2017 at CrossFit Deep Well!

Travis: September 2017, was invited by Brian

What is your favorite movement or workout?

Brian: Deadlifts

Travis: Ironically, I really enjoy thrusters, which I think I did during my first workout and I couldn’t sit down or stand up or
walk or lay down for about 3 days. (Thanks for that, Coach Jess!)

What is your least favorite movement or workout?


Travis: Can I say thrusters ??, actually it would probably be squat snatches. OH! and warm-up front squats.

What are your long term and short term goals?

Brian: Long term goals is to be a coach one day.  Short term goals are to progress in my lifts, enter all the cool local competitions I can and podium at Festivus Games this October for the intermediate partner competition.  You all be looking out for My Chemical Bromance #TToH to take it home.

Travis: Long-term I just want to know that I will be able to look back and know that I did all I could to live a healthy lifestyle, that counteracts my college/post college years. Short term, I really want to get better at gymnastic movements (HSPU, Muscle-ups, Handstand walks)

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about crossfit and scared to try it?

Brian: Don’t listen to the haters.  Before I began the journey they would say to me “you’ll get hurt”, “they don’t teach proper technique”, “it’s a cult”, “crossfitters don’t even know how to lift right.”  Go to a few boxes and experience the community.  Leave the ego at the door and never be afraid to scale. Be prepared to be the strongest you have ever been.

Travis: I was just like you a year ago, the movements seem jerky, and over-the-top, but if you give it a month you will understand why the movements are done the way they are. You will absolutely fall in love with it, and the people in the community. You will also love the transformation you see.

What kind of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting crossfit?

Brian: Probably the best change is that I actually rehabbed my shoulder from an old race injury (stage 3 AC separation) by crossfitting.  When I first started Deep Well I struggled hard with overhead work.  After scaling for the first 6 months, staying on top of Crossover Symmetry (daily) I can now put 210+ pounds over head where before 115 was a challenge.

Another change is my power output on steady sustained climbs on my mountain bike when I head up to Pisgah National Forest.  Pedaling efficiency is insane and cadence is steady dropping all of my buds who still race.  #savage

Travis: I’ve definitely seen drastic changes in my overall health. I find myself making smarter decisions with my eating habits, my clothes fit better, and I just physically feel better.

What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

Brian: Rehabbing my shoulder after I was told I wouldn’t be able to do CrossFit as well as put weight above my head.

Travis: Completing my first Open by Rx’ing all the workouts. (and, selfishly, winning my first solo competition at Festivus)

What kind of changes have you experience in your life since starting crossfit that you didn’t expect?

Brian: That I would actually enjoy going to the gym and facing the squat rack that I use to hate so much. Actually having a family to workout with verses people who also work out there.

Travis: A lot of my social activities involve members of the Deep Well family, and I honestly just expected it would be like a gym membership of the past, where you work out, and only see people at the gym. That has not been the case at all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you love most about Deep Well?

Brian: #1 for sure is the community.  We come together and push each other, we do life together, we support one another, and share that same love to the community of Mooresville.

Travis: I love the community that Deep Well brings. Some things at the gym are “scheduled” events, but I really think that we all genuinely enjoy being around each other, and if there was a word that means “more than family” that’s what we would be.

What are your hobbies, interest and/or talents outside of CrossFit?


Hobbies: obviously CrossFit, mountain/road biking, camping & hiking.

Interests: My faith in Jesus Christ, my family and friends, cyber warfare and hacking (I actually do this for a career), reading, Star Wars, Carolina Panthers, Boston Red Sox and the Charlotte Hornets….oh food and beer!

Talents: I thoroughly enjoy leading worship (vocalist) at my church in Charlotte (Forest Hill Church).  I currently help out our Uptown and South Park campuses.  Sometimes I branch out and do small side gigs with my friends in the Lake Norman/Charlotte area.  I am also a corn hole champion as well as being on the verge of being in the Guinness World Records for JENGA and then Hailey happens…

Travis: As far as talents, I’m actually good at everything, that’s kind of a joke, but I am good a picking things up quickly, and making it so I at least look like I know what I’m doing. If I had to choose my favorite hobbies, it would be playing golf, and any activity that I can bring my dog to; breweries, a new-found love of the Whitewater Center, hiking, etc., and lastly, cooking. LOVE. TO. COOK. (and eat).

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