January 2019 Newsletter

January Newsletter

Cheers to a New Year!

Here we go again! Another year has come and we are very excited for what 2019 has in store for us!

Please take a moment to read our Newsletter each month. It is going to showcase the most important information each month about what is going on at Deep Well.

Discover WELLness Nutrition Challenge

Our new Nutrition Program is kicking off with a 28 day challenge, starting January 14th. This is a very comprehensive nutrition program and very hands on, so if you want to learn more about how to make a lifestyle change with nutrition, this is for you. We will have a Nutrition Seminar on Saturday, January 12th at 10:30am. This will outline how our program works and provide education on how to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have not signed up for this challenge, you will be able to do so at the seminar. Click Here to learn a little more about the challenge and sign up.

Athlete of the Month

Erica Prescott!

Erica has been with us for a little over a year and has been dedicated from day 1! She is a regular at our 5:45am class, always shows up ready to give her all and try new things. Be on the lookout for her feature in the coming days.

January Challenge

Each month this year we are going to put up a challenge on the board below our PR board. For January we are going to start off with a 1,000 pushup challenge. While this may sound like a lot, it is only 33 a day. If you have not already started, you will have some catching up to do, but it is manageable. To participate, just write you name on the board and place a check mark by your name when you have completed the challenge.

These challenges are going to add more volume to your training, but will also help you build strength and help perfect your movement.

InBody Scans

As most of you know, we recently got an InBody Scanner at the gym. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a body composition scanner. It will tell us very specific measurements about your body. i.e. Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Segmental Lean Analysis. This scan takes less than 1 min to complete. We are offering 1 Free scan a month to our members, so please utilize this to track your progress in the gym. There will be a video at the bottom of this email that will go over some best practices to get your most accurate and consistent scans.

Retail Sale

All in stock retail will be 20% off for the month of January! If you have been wanting to try one of our supplements or get some new Deep Well Swag, now is your chance to get a deal! If you have any questions about any of the supplements, please ask.
*Kill Cliff are not included in this sale

Programming Focus


Overall in 2019, we want to get back to the basic principles of effective training with a renewed focus on functionality, variance, and intensity. Our long term goal has and always will be to produce the greatest amount of “fitness” — the ability to do work across many different time domains and many different modalities (aka be a very capable athlete no matter how, what, where, and why). We hope that this broad brand of fitness that carries over outside the walls of the gym and allows you to live your life freely and fully. You will continue to see get a highly varied exposure to functional movements as well as time, volume, and loading ranges. We will vary these elements smartly to produce effective, challenging, and fun workouts. We will use our warm-ups, skills, workouts, and finishers to build confidence and consistency to our major motor patterns. Coaches will guide you to implement intensity carefully…building bulletproof mechanics first, then consistency of those mechanics and finally boosting the intensity. We are very excited to get back to the basics!

In addition, each month of programming will have a slight bias toward one of the 10 General Physical Skills. This bias might not be immediately noticeable to you; however, each month we will have delineated tests, workouts, skills, or drills that will lend themselves to that month’s particular focus. We will also be angling our CrossFit programming to slightly bias or adjust to the 2019 Open structure. We anticipate building our athletes toward these tests and then programming the tests each Friday during the Open.

January’s specific focus for CrossFit will revolve around COORDINATION via practicing and building common skills that are tested during the Open. Weekly you will see skill development portions that helps the coach and you build confidence and coordination in a skill before testing it in the workout. In particular we will focus on the Muscle Up, Handstand Push-up, and Double Under as we know these movements will show up in the Open, and we know you will want to have a plan of attack when they show up!


In 2019 for WELLfit, we will be resetting our strength cycles and returning to a classic linear to strength building. In layman’s terms, we will start with higher reps and lower weights and progress to lower reps and higher weights. You can expect to squat, pull, press, clean weekly as well as complete weekly bodyweight strength work and accessory work. We will keep the strength sessions focused around movement quality and consistency of mechanics before aggressively adding load. Overall, we will be progressing from moderate-light loads to moderate-heavy loads to heavy loads. Rep schemes will keep athletes above 1RM efforts with common rep patterns in the 10 through 3 rep ranges.

January’s specific focus for WELLfit will be to establish 5-rep benchmarks in our squat, press, deadlift, and clean. The workouts that follow each strength portion will include these major movement patterns to help athletes gain more exposure to our foundational lifts. We will use these 5-rep numbers to kick off our initial progressions and work to build strength and confidence in all our lifts.

New Members

Please Welcome to the family our newest members who joined Deep Well In December!
Caitlin Oikemus
Martyn Holmes
Julia Holmes
Joe Robinson
Wilton Hunt
Kay Hunt


As a reminder, we have an awesome referral program! Anyone you bring in that joins the gym will earn both of you a reward! If your referral joins CrossFit, you both get $50! If they join WELLfit, you both get $20!
*Referral must join on a monthly membership.

Watch this video to see how to get your most accurate and consistent InBody Scans

Upcoming Events

January 10th @ 6:30


Faith RXD
Sunday, January 20th at 2:00pm
ARM Knitting
Saturday, January 19th at 1:00pm

January Challenge

1000 Push Ups

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