10 Gifts to get your Fitness Enthusiast

We all have friends who can be challenge to buy for. When that next birthday or Holiday comes up, here are 10 items that any Fitness Enthusiast would be happy to receive!

  1. SHOES

    There is no denying that having the right shoes can greatly improve your training. There are many great options out there, but the most common shoes worn in our gym are Reebok Nano’s, Nike Metcons, Nobull trainer

    This is one of the few items we highly recommend someone get when they start working out with us. Having a jump rope that is cut to fit your height is crucial to perfecting double unders. As with shoes, there are many options out there, but a few we highly recommend are Jump N Rope R1 Speed Rope, RPM Training, and Rogue Speed Ropes

    After tough workouts it is likely muscles will get tight and sore. A good massage can increase blood flow and recovery to the muscles. We highly recommend a deep tissue massage to work out the tightness and improve mobility for better workouts.

    We work hard in the gym, so we need to reward our muscles with quality protein. A good high quality protein makes a great gift for anyone who works out and is looking to build muscle. There are many options when it comes to protein. You have a variety of brands, types (Whey, Casein, & Plant), and flavors. Our favorite is Ascent Protein due to its mix-ability, flavor, and its is made with clean ingredients.

  4. LMNT

    Hydration and electrolyte replenishment are essential when working out. LMNT is one of our favor supplements and something we recommend to everyone. It is packed with 1,000mg of Sodium, 200mg of Potassium, & 60mg of Magnesium. This is a preferred ratio for our bodies. The LMNT sticks come in a variety of flavors. The most popular flavors for us are Raspberry, Citrus, & Orange.


    These are two amazing recovery tools! They can be used to work into sore and tight muscles after a workout. Another benefit is the increase blood flow they create which helps in muscle recovery. Best of all, these are relatively inexpensive and provide a lot of bang for the buck!

  6. GYM BAG

    Most people that work out have a few accessories that they like to have with them at the gym. A good gym bag is great to make sure you always have what you need and a place to store your workout outfit!


    Having good food readily available is key to being successful with a diet. One way to ensure your meal prepped food is able to go with you on the go. A high quality bag that will do the job and last a long time is Six Pack Bags. You cannot go wrong with one of these!


    Wrist wraps and knee sleeves are accessories that are not required, but definitely help.

    Wrist wraps can come in very handy when there are workouts that have a lot of overhead movements or movements that require your wrist to be in a flexed position for a longer period of time. There are two different kinds, elastic and cloth. Elastic are secured with velcro and provide support, but are also forgiving. The cloth wraps allow you to get a tighter wrap, but are secured with ties, which risk coming loose during workouts. Wrist Wraps

    Knee sleeves are great for keeping the knee stable and warm during workouts. They also provide protection for the knee when doing lunges. There are a different thicknesses available with knee sleeves (3mm,5mm,7mm) The 5mm knee sleeves are best suited for most people. Knee Sleeves


    Whether you go to the gym on your own or do group fitness, everyone can benefit from personal training sessions. This 1 on 1 time with a trainer provides the opportunity to review movements and/or work on specific skills.

The fitness enthusiast in your life would be happy with any of these gifts! If you have any questions or have any questions about these items, please do not hesitate to reach out us and we will help you make a decision on what to get.