Fruits and Vegetables


When did “Fruits and Vegetables” become 1 word?

Fruits and vegetables seems to have become one word when it comes to giving advice on a healthy diet. However these two different food groups must be approached with different strategies. When it comes to optimizing health you need to choose the foods that best support your health and training needs.

Fruits and vegetables have varying macronutrient and fiber contents and can also contain different types of vitamins, minerals, and other key micronutrients. They contain different types of carbohydrates that affect their digestion and effect on blood sugar.

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” -Michael Pollan

In America most folks are still missing out on many essential nutrients and simply do not consume enough vegetables. In schools kids are encouraged to have either fruits or veggies. The fact is that 8oz of orange juice is not going to provide the same nutrients as 1 cup of broccoli. Whole fruits do contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals but when turned into concentrated juices they are not much different than drinking a soda.

Even as an athlete you may be guilty of eating 2 or 3 bananas in a day but neglected consuming foods like green cruciferous vegetables that have true health benefits.

Fruits are higher in sugar and unless you are a high level athlete training multiple times per day you probably do not need to consume that many carbohydrates in your diet. A piece of fruit to fuel your workout and some fast digesting carbs post workout should be the majority of your “carb” intake. Fill the rest of your meals with vegetables that will make you feel full and contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

A healthy diet should consist mostly of healthy fats, high quality proteins, and complex carbohydrates from vegetables which are nutrient dense and have a minimal effect on insulin.

If you are consuming fruits focus on fresh seasonal fruit that will have a low impact on blood sugar. Dark berries are one of the best fruits in this regard and contain high levels of antioxidants. Kiwis and pineapples are a great choice that is ideal for post workout recovery.

If you are looking for a more natural approach to eating, feeling better, and looking great then we can help you get there. Reach out to one of our friendly staff members today to see how!

CrossFit: Sport vs Exercise Program

CrossFit has exploded in popularity as a fun and effective way to get fit.

It’s popularity has evolved because it works for everyday folks who need to maintain their health but is also extremely popular as a competitive event.

Sometimes it is tough for the outside world to see the differences between the sport of CrossFit that they see on TV and the training methodology they would experience in a local gym. Let’s look at some of the key differences between the sport and the training style so you can make an educated decision on adopting CrossFit into your life.

CrossFit in any form without a doubt incorporates functional movement. Using natural human movement patterns like squatting, hinging, and pressing overhead you will experience these patterns. What varies between competition and class is the technical requirements or difficulty, and the loads used in competition. The Games you see on TV are the best athletes in the world competing head to head. In order to truly differentiate the fittest men and women they must be tested by the most extreme workouts. You will see that they perform weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular workouts but at much higher intensities and volume than a coach would ever ask you do perform in your local gym.

“Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise,” -Greg Glassman

The cool thing is you get to see your favorite athletes being pushed and tested so that they feel the workout is just as challenging as you might feel workouts are. Everyone is safely pushed and challenged to improve themselves. Reaching just a little bit further and tapping into their true potential.

If you want to try a high intensity functional fitness workout like CrossFit you may well be surprised by how friendly and welcoming the community is. You will not be the biggest or smallest, the oldest or youngest, or even the least experienced.

Training for the sport looks very different from what you may think is involved with a regular CrossFit class. Everyday the workout is different and scaled to your specific needs. You coach is more likely to scale the weights or movements in a way that is self limiting (you choose when to stop) rather than push you into doing something that is dangerous or painful.

This style of training is so popular because people are able to experience long term growth in a fun and supportive environment. If you’re ready to join a like minded community of motivated individuals then come check us out!

Hunter Levan Testimonial

In a time when my life was in a huge transition CrossFit gave me something new to focus on.  Coming from a background of fitness, martial arts and outdoor activities CrossFit challenged me to change the way I do fitness.  Like Fredrick Douglas said, “without struggle there is no progress.”

My first two weeks of CrossFit were amazing.  It was tough but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Then the CrossFit Open came.  I enthusiastically signed up not knowing what I was getting myself into.  The Open was a good way for me to see the amount of strength and metabolic conditioning that goes into it.  Having been in the early stages relocating back to North Carolina from China, I was surrounded by a whole lot of new and an extra 12 pounds in my midsection.  Jumping into CrossFit for fitness and community was just the thing I needed.

The challenge of gymnastic techniques and conditioning exercises paired with strength/resistance training was presented in a manner that I was not accustomed to at all.  This is where frustration met excitement.  I was excited to learn things like kipping pull ups, double unders, squat cleans, toes 2 bar, etc.  However, early on I was frustrated with myself for not being able to do them.  “I thought I was a decent athlete.  Why can’t I do this?  What’s wrong with me? Why am I fatigued,” were all thoughts that ran through my head.  But once I slowed myself down and recognized this was not a problem but an opportunity to learn, I was able focus on one technique at a time.  Who cares if I couldn’t do what the big guys were doing.  Did I learn? Did I try?  And did I enjoy the workout?  This is what was most important.

Taking time to experience each coach and learn from each one was essential to my development.  I am grateful for their knowledge and heart to teach.  Currently, I am nearly 4 months in and I’ve learned a lot.  T2B, kipping pull ups and aerobic capacity/metabolic conditioning has all greatly improved since month one.  The community atmosphere is also one that feels welcoming and never discouraging.  It’s competitive at times but not over the top.  There’s either someone to learn from, someone to learn with or both every class.  Just the other Saturday, Martin and I ended up on pull ups at the same time one round.  He asked if I wanted to do them synchronized. Honestly, that’s one of the best workout feelings I’ve had in a while.  Getting in a flow and working with your mate makes you feel like you’re part of the team.

My testimony for Deep Well Athletics not only includes all this but a loss of over 1% body fat, 4lbs of weight and have been able to train 5 times a week this month.  CrossFit slowed me down and built me back up.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds as I get rooted in Mooresville, North Carolina.

February Newsletter

WOW! Where did January go!? It seems like we just celebrated New Years and now we are off to a new month!

Discover WELLness Nutrition Challenge

Our Nutrition Challenge has 1 week left at the time of this message. We are so proud of everyone who has participated in this challenge. Everyone is doing a great job following the plan and the group messages have been very inspiring. It is awesome to see this group of individuals tackle something they know is key to reaching their goals and having other by their side to make the process a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the final results. I believe we are going to see some amazing changes in just a short 4 weeks.

Athlete of the Month

Julie Powers

Julie has been with us for a little over 1 year. Her friend Courtney encouraged her to give CrossFit a try and she has not looked back since her first class. Over the last year, Julie has worked really hard to get the perfect form in all of her movements. She has been great about scaling to a weight that would allow her to move safely and effectively. Over the last month or so, she has really started to move in a fuller range of motion with great form. This has resulted in her really starting to see some changes in her body. We are very proud of her for being patient and now reaping the rewards of her efforts! Congrats Julie! Keep it up!

Deep Well Intramural

As mentioned in a previous email, we will be holding our 2nd annual Deep Well Intramural starting 2/21. This is our in house competition during the CrossFit Open. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this event. If you want to register for the open through CrossFit, you can do so by clicking here. You do not have to register with CrossFit to participate in our Intramural, all you have to do is write your name on the sheet at the gym or respond to this email letting us know your want to play. Please sign up by 2/9, so we can draw for teams on 2/16. If you have any more questions about the Intramural please let me know or read the previous email here.

Open T-Shirts

We will be doing a pre order for the above Open shirts. There will not be any extras or an additional order for these, so don’t miss out. This order must be submitted by 2/8, so sign up now if you would like to get one. They are $20 and come in this Next Level Tri-Blend T-shirt or the Next Level Tri-Blend Racer Back Tank. You can sign up on the sheet at the gym, responding to this email, or by using the Google Doc here.

February Challenge

Our Push Up challenge in January was a blast. We had a punch of people achieve their 1000 push ups and a few who came real close. Several of you have already told me how you feel this challenge really helped you with your push ups. This is awesome! That is why we are doing this!

For February we are going to accumulate 100 Minutes in a plank. Since there are only 28 days in Feb, that means you need to do 3:30 minutes a day. This is very obtainable! If you decide to go beyond 100 min, share it on the board! We want to celebrate your achievements! Be sure to watch the video below to see some tips on what to watch for in the plank and how to track your time.

InBody Scans

Don’t forget to get your monthly InBody Scan! This is free with your membership and will allow you to see how your are progressing with the hard work you are putting in.

Programming Focus


February’s specific focus for CrossFit will revolve around the General Physical Skill of…ACCURACY! Accuracy is often misunderstood…it’s not just hitting wall ball targets (although we will do that a lot!)…it also means the accuracy in hitting positions, cycling movements, not missing your singles or doubles, and where you jump / land in olympic lifts. This focus on accuracy will show up in strength, skill, and workout elements. It also offers tremendous carry over into the 2019 Open Season as we can see high levels of frustration when accuracy is tested (Whipping yourself on those dubs! Not being able to efficiently cycle a light bar! Not hitting the target during a WB!). We will cover it all, ladies and gents. We will also introduce a few new benchmarks and olympic lifting complexes that play into our monthly focus. Work hard and stay true!


Last month in WELLfit we reset our strength cycle, refined our linear progression and retested our strength movements. This month our strength portion, we are going into a maintenance phase. It will have higher volume and increased time under tension. We will progress over the weeks but not towards a specific test! In both strength and workout, we will focus on upper body pressing and pulling. We want to increase the athlete’s upper body foundational strength! This makes the transition to more complex gymnastics easier. In addition, there will be a focus on aerobic conditioning, specifically on the bike and rower. A strong aerobic base, along with foundational strength, is essential for all of you…but absolutely an essential element in our WELLfit program.

New Members

Please Welcome to the family our newest members who joined Deep Well In January!
Elizabeth Nelson
Kelly Spang
Mirela Albano
Ethan Robinson


As a reminder, we have an awesome referral program! Anyone you bring in that joins the gym will earn both of you a reward! If your referral joins CrossFit, you both get $50! If they join WELLfit, you both get $20!
*Referral must join on a monthly membership.

January 2019 Newsletter

January Newsletter

Cheers to a New Year!

Here we go again! Another year has come and we are very excited for what 2019 has in store for us!

Please take a moment to read our Newsletter each month. It is going to showcase the most important information each month about what is going on at Deep Well.

Discover WELLness Nutrition Challenge

Our new Nutrition Program is kicking off with a 28 day challenge, starting January 14th. This is a very comprehensive nutrition program and very hands on, so if you want to learn more about how to make a lifestyle change with nutrition, this is for you. We will have a Nutrition Seminar on Saturday, January 12th at 10:30am. This will outline how our program works and provide education on how to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have not signed up for this challenge, you will be able to do so at the seminar. Click Here to learn a little more about the challenge and sign up.

Athlete of the Month

Erica Prescott!

Erica has been with us for a little over a year and has been dedicated from day 1! She is a regular at our 5:45am class, always shows up ready to give her all and try new things. Be on the lookout for her feature in the coming days.

January Challenge

Each month this year we are going to put up a challenge on the board below our PR board. For January we are going to start off with a 1,000 pushup challenge. While this may sound like a lot, it is only 33 a day. If you have not already started, you will have some catching up to do, but it is manageable. To participate, just write you name on the board and place a check mark by your name when you have completed the challenge.

These challenges are going to add more volume to your training, but will also help you build strength and help perfect your movement.

InBody Scans

As most of you know, we recently got an InBody Scanner at the gym. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a body composition scanner. It will tell us very specific measurements about your body. i.e. Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Segmental Lean Analysis. This scan takes less than 1 min to complete. We are offering 1 Free scan a month to our members, so please utilize this to track your progress in the gym. There will be a video at the bottom of this email that will go over some best practices to get your most accurate and consistent scans.

Retail Sale

All in stock retail will be 20% off for the month of January! If you have been wanting to try one of our supplements or get some new Deep Well Swag, now is your chance to get a deal! If you have any questions about any of the supplements, please ask.
*Kill Cliff are not included in this sale

Programming Focus


Overall in 2019, we want to get back to the basic principles of effective training with a renewed focus on functionality, variance, and intensity. Our long term goal has and always will be to produce the greatest amount of “fitness” — the ability to do work across many different time domains and many different modalities (aka be a very capable athlete no matter how, what, where, and why). We hope that this broad brand of fitness that carries over outside the walls of the gym and allows you to live your life freely and fully. You will continue to see get a highly varied exposure to functional movements as well as time, volume, and loading ranges. We will vary these elements smartly to produce effective, challenging, and fun workouts. We will use our warm-ups, skills, workouts, and finishers to build confidence and consistency to our major motor patterns. Coaches will guide you to implement intensity carefully…building bulletproof mechanics first, then consistency of those mechanics and finally boosting the intensity. We are very excited to get back to the basics!

In addition, each month of programming will have a slight bias toward one of the 10 General Physical Skills. This bias might not be immediately noticeable to you; however, each month we will have delineated tests, workouts, skills, or drills that will lend themselves to that month’s particular focus. We will also be angling our CrossFit programming to slightly bias or adjust to the 2019 Open structure. We anticipate building our athletes toward these tests and then programming the tests each Friday during the Open.

January’s specific focus for CrossFit will revolve around COORDINATION via practicing and building common skills that are tested during the Open. Weekly you will see skill development portions that helps the coach and you build confidence and coordination in a skill before testing it in the workout. In particular we will focus on the Muscle Up, Handstand Push-up, and Double Under as we know these movements will show up in the Open, and we know you will want to have a plan of attack when they show up!


In 2019 for WELLfit, we will be resetting our strength cycles and returning to a classic linear to strength building. In layman’s terms, we will start with higher reps and lower weights and progress to lower reps and higher weights. You can expect to squat, pull, press, clean weekly as well as complete weekly bodyweight strength work and accessory work. We will keep the strength sessions focused around movement quality and consistency of mechanics before aggressively adding load. Overall, we will be progressing from moderate-light loads to moderate-heavy loads to heavy loads. Rep schemes will keep athletes above 1RM efforts with common rep patterns in the 10 through 3 rep ranges.

January’s specific focus for WELLfit will be to establish 5-rep benchmarks in our squat, press, deadlift, and clean. The workouts that follow each strength portion will include these major movement patterns to help athletes gain more exposure to our foundational lifts. We will use these 5-rep numbers to kick off our initial progressions and work to build strength and confidence in all our lifts.

New Members

Please Welcome to the family our newest members who joined Deep Well In December!
Caitlin Oikemus
Martyn Holmes
Julia Holmes
Joe Robinson
Wilton Hunt
Kay Hunt


As a reminder, we have an awesome referral program! Anyone you bring in that joins the gym will earn both of you a reward! If your referral joins CrossFit, you both get $50! If they join WELLfit, you both get $20!
*Referral must join on a monthly membership.

Watch this video to see how to get your most accurate and consistent InBody Scans

Upcoming Events

January 10th @ 6:30


Faith RXD
Sunday, January 20th at 2:00pm
ARM Knitting
Saturday, January 19th at 1:00pm

January Challenge

1000 Push Ups

October Newsletter

It’s Fall Y’all!

Finally some cooler temperatures are upon us! The cool mornings and warmer days make for some great workout weather!

Nutrition Challenge

At this point we are just over half way through our Fall Nutrition Challenge. If you are finding yourself struggling or need a little help, please reach out to Justin or in our group on Facebook. The end result will be worth every sacrifice you make during this challenge. By the time the challenge ends, you will also have created new healthy habits! Stay Strong, the end of the challenge is near, but the habits of a healthy lifestyle will last a lot longer!

WELLfit Schedule

We are very excited that the growth of the WELLfit program has led us to expand the class schedule. Starting October 1, there will be a 6:30pm class Monday – Friday!

New Lockers

We were able to upgrade our lockers and now have 48 lockers for use! If you had items in the old lockers, they were placed in the new lockers for you. Please check for your items and feel free to move them to any locker you prefer.

Beer City Beatdown

Saturday, October 6th, we have 2 teams competing at Beer City Beatdown in Asheville, NC. There is a group of us going up and staying at a large house we have rented. If you haven’t already signed up to stay at the house, but would like to, you can still do so, just let Justin know. This is going to be a big event with a lot of competitors.  If you haven’t made it to a local competition before, this would be a fun one to see and support our competitors.

Festivus Games

Saturday, October 13th, we have teams competing in Lexington and Charlotte at the Fall Partner Festivus Games. This is a great competition for first time competitors and for those who are not fire-breathers, but but like to compete. If you can make it to either of the locations to cheer on our teams, they would love your support.

Signing in to Class

As classes are getting bigger and bigger, we are asking that you please sign in prior to coming to class. This helps your coaches in many ways. Depending on the workout, we may need to make adjustments and strategize the layout. It will also help us give you a better experience while you are at the gym. If you do not have to Zen Planner app or need help with it, please let a coach know and they can help you.

Programming focus


In October, we start off the month with a continuation of our short OLY cycle. Remember, this cycle is meant to build more exposure and comfort to the clean, jerk, and snatch. We are not diving into a deep cycle but rather slightly biasing toward these movements to provide more consistent exposure. In September, we pulled off the floor and pressed overhead a significant amount in order to build foundation motor patterns and comfort in those positions. In October, we will layer in the OLY cycle starting with basic clean / snatch complexes that focus on essential mechanics (foundations of the second pull and power receiving positions) and slowly layer in more load and complexity. In addition, we will “retest” one classic Open workout per week in order to get more comfortable with both the format of these workouts and actually labeling something an Open workout. This will break down the mental barrier for a lot of us and when the Open actually comes around it will feel less stressful — trust us!


We are going to spend October focusing on upper body pulling in both the strength sessions and workout portions. At least 2x/week you will see a lift, workout, or accessory that will focus on upper body pulling exposure, volume, or loading. This is foundational to many of our lifts and core motor patterns, and we expect to see improved lifts and gymnastics from our WELLfit crew.

Barbells and Jump Ropes

During a recent maintenance session of our barbells, we lost 2, 45lb barbells. Upon breaking the bars down, we found some of the bearings had fallen apart. This is not uncommon, but can be prolonged with good care of the barbells. With that said, please be careful with the empty barbells. It is best that they are not dropped without any bumper plates. Also when taking the plates off, please be sure the bar doesn’t crash to the ground. Rather hold the end of the bar, slide the plates off, and then place the bar on the ground.

Some of you may not be aware that the jump ropes hanging on the wall by the office door are member ropes. This is our fault for not pointing it out. We want to respect our members and their property. Therefore going forward, if you do not have your own rope, we have community ropes hanging on the wall ball rack for you to use. There are a variety of lengths to choose from, so find the one that best fits you.  If you would like your own rope, we have some in stock for sale. We can also recommend other options for you.


Our Fall apparel order is due Friday, October 5th. There will be limited sizes and options purchased for stock, so don’t miss out on getting something! Samples are in the office to try on for size. Once the order is placed, we should have it in 10 business days.


We are back with our HIIT to HOPS event on Thursday, October 11 at 6:30. This will replace our WELLfit and CrossFit class this evening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come workout! The workout is still Free for members and then $5 gets you a post workout beer chip at On Tap immediately after. Invite your friends and lets have a fun night of sweating together and having a drink together!

New Members

Welcome to our newest members of Deep Well Family!

Spencer Fetters

Allison Chouinard

Josh Hefner

Kylen Taylor

Lee Gaddie

Carolyn Bailey

Jayden Bailey

Logan Bailey

Scott Stanley

Matthew Stanley

August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Check out the information below to see whats happening at Deep Well in August!

Saturday Schedule

Just as a reminder, we are back to 1 CrossFit Class at 8:30am on Saturday. WELLfit has been moved up to 9:30am.

House Keeping

The heat and humidity has been something else this year! We have kept the A/C on for the most part help keep the gym more comfortable, but understand that it still gets very warm. This heat and humid means more use of chalk, which is fine, but we need to be mindful of the mess. After your workout, please wipe down the sweat and chalk from your equipment and mop up the chalk prints on the floor.


We will have our HIIT to HOPS on Thursday August 9th at 6:30pm. Invite your friends and come sweat with us. We will have a fun workout followed by some good cold beer at OnTap!

War of the WODS

We have a couple teams competing on August 11th in Greensboro at War of the WODS. This is a new event will be at CrossFit Greensboro vs the Coliseum like their winter event. If you are free that day, lets all shoot up there and cheer on our teams. Competitions are fun to watch and the competitors really enjoy the support!

Up Coming Competitions

It is competition season over the next couple of months. We have people competing in several events. If you have been wanting to try a competition, these are great events and you will have other Deep Well members there competing with you.

Sept 22 – Beers and Burpees Charity Event (2 person teams) – Sign Up Here
October 6 – Beer City Beatdown (4 person teams) – Sign Up Here
October 13 – Festivus Games (2 Person same sex teams) – Sign Up Here


We extend a warm welcome to our newest members who joined in July!

Monica Crossen
Valeria Davila
Faith Little

August Challenge

This Month we are going to challenge you all to work on a specific skill or movement. Please write on the board at the gym what you would like to work on or focus on for the month of August. This way your friends and coaches can help and be more aware of what you are working on this month. Some ideas would be; Squat Depth, Double Unders, Rowing technique, Pull Up Strength, etc.  Let’s have some fun with this and become better athletes.


If you know someone who is looking to try something new, we still have our referral program going. If your friend signs up for one of our programs, you will both receive a referral gift.
$50 each for CrossFit & $20 each for WELLfit.

Get to know Coach Tina

10 things about Tina

1. Where did you grow up? 

I’m from a map dot in Western NY…Holley. Fun fact…Holley was originally named Podunk.

2. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

3. What was your first Job?

My first job was working in the Dietary Dept of a nursing home helping serve dinner & washing dishes.

4. What do you love about Mooresville?

For me…the gym & Monsoon are the best things about Mooresville. Other than that, I’m from a small town, so love living in little China Grove.

5. Why did you get into CrossFit?

Once upon a Facebook post, I saw a before & after starting Crossfit picture of Alison Ogles’ back. I decided I wanted muscles like that & the rest is history!

6. Why do you Coach?

When I decided that I cared more about others’ successes than my own & enjoyed helping people get there, coaching seemed like a good fit.

7. What is one thing you wish everyone knew about health and fitness?

I wish everyone new that health & fitness isn’t one size fits all, but it is for everyone.

8. What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Movement?

Favorite movement is probably burpees. Wallballs are definitely my least favorite.

9. What is something you are currently working on as an Athlete?

I’m currently working on getting back into a regular workout routine with a goal of competing again in the fall or winter. I struggle with cardio, so I’m hoping to incorporate some Bootcamp classes back into my schedule. They helped so much when I was adding at least one a week. Aaaaand then there’s that eating thing that I need to get back in order.

10. Anything else you would like to share with the Deep Well Family?

I would like to say thank you to everyone not only for your friendships, but for always pushing me to be better, both as an athlete & person. And thank you for embracing me as a coach when I decided to “step onto the other side of the bar.” I have dropped in at gyms across the country and can honestly say that Justin & Meagen have given us a great gym, but it’s everyone here that makes this such a special place. I look forward to many years of great things!

Understanding a Time Capped Workout

The Why’s Behind a Time Capped Workout.

We have all been in a workout with a time cap, but have you ever understood the reason for that particular time? It’s not as simple as the programmer saying they think that is how long the workout should take. There is a reason and intent behind that chosen time. Every workout has a certain stimulus in mind. For example, Fran is meant to be short in time and fast in intensity. It only features two complimentary movements and a relatively low rep scheme. On the other hand there is a workout like Murph, which is a lot of reps and 2 lengthy runs. This workout is intended to be done at a moderate pace that allows for continual movement.

How to scale a workout

Scaling involves different considerations. There is movement scaling where a particular movement is replaced with a movement that the athlete is able to complete correctly. Sometimes the scaling is solely in terms of the weight used.

If you are unable to perform a movement in a workout as it is written, speak with your coach. They will substitute that movement with something that can completed safely and efficiently. Common movement scales would be ring rows for pull ups, Russian kettlebell swings in place of American swing, or box step overs instead of box jump overs.

Occasionally there will be a workout that an athlete is able to perform the movements in a workout, but is unable to perform the weights written. In this case, the coach will advise the athlete to use a lighter weight. There will also be occasions where the athlete is able to perform the weight listed, but not for the number of reps listed in the workout. In this case the athlete should also lower their weight.

Scaling for a time cap

When preparing for a workout with a time cap, it is important to think of how long each round can take to finish by that time. In today’s workout for example it takes 4:30 a round to finish by the 18:00 time cap. In this case, Lets say you finish round 1 at 4:45. That means you are going to have to be faster on the next 3 rounds. Due to fatigue, this is not a likely scenario.

Therefore in order to complete the workout and get the stimulus intended, it is important to drop the weight. This will allow you to move at a faster pace. This lighter weight is also going to allow you to move properly at that faster speed. If you go too heavy and try to speed through the workout, then you are putting yourself at risk on injury due to bad form.

On the other side of this is the possibility of scaling too much. If you finished the workout in 10:00, then it is very likely that you went too light with the weight. At this point you are hitting the intensity piece, but not being challenged enough with the resistance piece of the workout.

How do you know what do or use when scaling?

This is were the metcon prep that we do prior to the workout comes into play. Use these warmup reps to feel the weight out and listen to your body. If you are struggling with the weight as you are warming up, then it is best to lower for the workout. This is also a point where your coach can help you decide what to do for the workout. They will advise you on any movement modifications and understanding of how to choose a weight for the workout.

At the end of the day we want you to have a great workout in a safe manner. No one wants see someone struggling through a workout. Set your ego aside and impress everyone with your best movement quality at a weight that fits your ability for that specific workout. If you happen to not finish under the time cap, that’s ok. Stop working out and think to yourself, “what should I have used to be able to finish this workout?”


Deep Well Family,

Another month has come and gone and here we are in the 5th month of the year! Hopefully spring will stick around a little longer than a week this year and we can enjoy cooler mornings with warm afternoons!

We have a lot going on this month, so I hope you will read this all to become away of all that is happening at Deep Well.



Our individual’s had a great day at Festivus! In Lexington, Steven Pierro finished 2nd in his division! Noah, Justin, and Taylor all did amazing in their first competitions. I am excited to see what they all do at their next comp. In Charlotte, after further review, Travis Frye took 1st place and Brian Porter took 3rd! Congrats to all of you and thanks for repping Deep Well!

Ladies Night

There was a great turnout at Casa Thomas for Ladies Night! I hear it was a great night and that Casa Thomas is a beautiful place! If you missed this ladies night, don’t worry, I’m sure they next one will be planned soon!


Starting May 10th and every second Thursday there after we will be hosting HIIT to HOPS at 6:30. This will be a 30-45 min workout that is open to the community and will be followed by a draft beer at (ON) Tap. The cost is $10 for non-members of Deep Well and $5 for Members. This fee includes your workout and 1 draft beer. You will receive a poker chip to take to (ON)Tap to receive your beer. There will not be the regular 6:15 CrossFit class on this night each month. You are welcome to participate in the workout though.


On Monday May 28th, we will host our annual Murph workout. This year we are opening it up to the community and will run 2 heats with a cookout to follow. The heats will be at 10:00am and 11:00am. For those who are not aware of what Murph is, it is a CrossFit Hero workout named after LT Michael Murphy. The workout consist of a 1 mile run, 100 Pull Up, 200 Push Ups, 300 Air Squats, and another 1 mile run. If you feel this is something you cannot do, please don’t be discouraged. You can do any variation of this workout whether it be 1/4 Murph, 1/2 Murph, 3/4 Murph or even with a partner. We do have a limited edition t-shirt/tank that will be available for purchase. It is $25 and orders are due by 5/17. If you know anyone in the community that would like to participate, please let them know we would love to have them.


May Challenge

We are switching it up this month. The challenge will be a personal goal of yours! Whether you have a goal of attending 3 days a week, losing 5 lbs, getting your first pull up, whatever it is, write it on the board and lets check it off by the end of the month.

Child Care

For the month of May we are going to offer child care on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the 6:15 CrossFit and 6:30 WELLfit classes. If you know of any one who has wanted to give us a try, but needed care, now is the time to get them in. If this proves to be useful, we will look to make it a permanent offering. If you do know someone, remember, we still have our referral program going. If your friend were to join CrossFit, you both get $50! If they join WELLfit, then you both get $20!

New Products!


We now have a variety of RockTape products in stock! RockTape was first known for their incredible tape products, but have since expanded their product offering and consider themselves a movement company.
What’s in Stock?
Hook Grip Tape
Fire & Ice Topical pain relief
Knee Sleeves

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

CBD oil is quickly becoming popular for its amazing health benefits. Derived from the hemp plant, this oil is non psychoactive and does not contain THC. Charlotte’s Web is a well respected company and all of their products are sustainable grown in Colorado. Learn more about Charlotte’s Web and CBD oil here
What are a few of the benefits?
Pain relief
Reduced inflammation
Reduced anxiety
Helps fight cancer


Kids Summer Camp

We are very excited to offer a kids program this summer! We will have two 3 week sessions. These classes will be from 1-3pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Session 1 starts June 12th and runs through June 29th. Session 2 starts on July 10th and runs through July 27th. In this program your kids will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and have fun working out and playing fitness games. There will be a discount for doing both sessions and for multiple kids. Please let us know if you would like more details and spread the word to your kids friends!

New Members

Please welcome our newest members to the family
Jasmine Lamontagne
Caley Villard
Nicole Cockerham
Theresa Padgett
Robert Lawrence
Michelle Marckwardt

Dig Deep Live Well,