March 2019

Joselyn Harriger

Sets the perfect example for her kids who "Want to exercise and be strong like mommy!"

Joselyn Harrigers success story

Month:  March Name: Joselyn Harriger How and when did you get started with Deep Well? I started WellFit a Little over a year ago, February 2018.  I met Meagen and Justin through our daughter’s day care, and was intrigued by the logo on their cars!...

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February 2019

Julie Yost

Hard working mom of 4 who still makes time for her fitness!

Julie Yosts success story

Congratulations to Julie Yost on earning February 2019, Athlete of the Month! Julie has been with us for just over 1 year and it has been an awesome journey for her. As a working mom of 4, she still makes time for the gym because she understands the im...

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January 2019

Erica Prescott

Did someone say Donuts!?

Erica Prescotts success story

Name: Erica Prescott How and when did you get started with CrossFit? I first learned about CrossFit after wanting to get more into fitness. My twin sister and I had started running and were getting bored with the monotony of it so one day the CrossFit G...

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November 2018

Jordan Hicks

From 2 lb plates to nothing less than 15 lb dumbbells

Jordan Hickss success story

Name: Jordan Hicks How and when did you get started with Deep Well? January of this year. My husband, Michael, has been going to Deep well for a couple of years and has always tried to get me to join. I continued to put it off until I finally got th...

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October 2018

Tara Potts

It's all about the muscles!

Tara Pottss success story

Name:  Tara Potts How and when did you get started with CrossFit?    When Tim and I first started dating there was a CrossFit gym that opened right beside his apartment. We decided to give it a try. I remember my first WOD had pull-ups and I literall...

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September 2018

Wesley Morrison

Not Built For Speed

Wesley Morrisons success story

How and when did you get started with CrossFit?   My wife and I had been talking about joining a gym to focus on fitness and get into shape.  We had a neighbor post about a new crossfit gym opening up. Figured what the heck, let’s give it a try….ho...

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August 2018

Caley Villiard

Anyone up for some competition!?

Caley Villiards success story

How and when did you get started with Deep Well? I started at the gym in 2016 but left when we finished building our house. Last school year Kelly Morrison's son was in my class and she volunteered weekly. We would chat about the gym and she would sh...

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July 2018

Brian Porter & Travis Frye

Better known as TTOH

Brian Porter & Travis Fryes success story

Brian Porter & Travis Frye aka #TTOH This month we have a unique occurrence where we have 2 Athletes of the Month. These two guys have really put in the work since joining Deep Well and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. When trying to decide who...

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July 2018

Julie Pyrant

4 PR's in 1 Month!

Julie Pyrants success story

Every month this year we have had either a monthly challenge or a goal. A couple months ago, Julie set a goal to attend at least 3 days a week. She did that, even if it meant doing 2 classes a day. Well after last month, her commitment to putting in the w...

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